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24/09/2009 · Lately I've been filling up my car 2007 Infiniti G35 with a "premium" gas with 91 octane rating from a Conoco station whereas in the past I've always used 93 gas from Shell. I think the engine isn't performing as well as before maybe I'm being paranoid. Which one is the true premium recommended octane rating for my car? 03/06/2013 · My car requires premium gas and it specifies 91 octane. In my area central NJ premium gas always has an octane rating of 93 sometimes 94 at some Sunoco stations. Can I mix in some regular gas to save money? South Korea: "regular" unleaded fuel is 91~94 RON, "premium" is 95 RON nationally. However, not all gas stations carry "premium." Spain: 95 RON "Euro" is sold in every station with 98 RON "Super" being offered in most stations. Many stations around cities and highways offer other high-octane "premium. 91 octane petrol will ignite at a lower temperature and burn faster, which can cause knocking in an auto engine. Lead compounds were added at one time to raise the octane rating, but recently engines have been redesigned to work on low <98 octane petrol or gas in the US colonies. 21/07/2012 · When it comes to gas, you can choose between a lower octane gas or opt for a higher octane rating. Two common octane ratings are 87 and 91. The main difference between 87 and 91 octane gas is just the additive that they add to it. They are still.

13/12/2017 · A lot of cars on sale today recommend that you fill up with premium-grade fuel 91 octane or higher, but don't require it. If you own, or have driven, one such car, you've probably wondered what if any benefits premium fuel provides and if it's worth the extra cost. AAA recently released a study. 91 lower octane gas can be sold if labeled as "sub-standard" or "sub-regular" South Dakota: 87 89 91 85 or 86 octane can be sold as "sub-regular" with a warning label displayed at the pump and is found in western parts of the state: Tennessee: 87 89 91 93 widely available Texas: 87 89 93 El Paso area has 86/88/91 octane ratings Utah: 85 88 91. 12/08/2016 · Laws regulating which octane levels can be listed as premium, midgrade, or regular vary from state-to-state. Premium gas is usually considered to be any gasoline that has an octane level of 91 or higher. You’ll usually see these listed on pumps as 91 or 93. Sometimes, 93 octane will be listed as “super-premium” or “ultra.”. 22/11/2019 · Regular gas is rated at 87 octane in most states, while premium gas is often rated higher at 91 or 93. Fuel with a higher octane rating can stand up to higher compression before it detonates. Essentially, the higher the octane rating, the lower the likelihood. I prefer to use 93 octane or the highest available at commercial gas stations because they tend to contain higher quality fuel. The 'top grade' fuels, such as 'Shell V-Power 93' and 'Chevron with Techron 93' have better additives and usually do.

20/05/2017 · 87 octane Vs 93 octane, Is premium fuel a scam ? Let's find out! Subscribe here: bit.ly/autovlog Follow us on Social Media: Instagram. 30/09/2011 · What's the difference between premium and regular fuel? What does that octane rating number represent? This video explains why cars with higher compression r. 4, Gas is not always purchased from the same station, but results haven’t varied, so I don’t suspect that I’m not really getting 91 octane. I too thought that it was unusual for the lower octane to yield better mileage -hence the question to begin with. Don’t worry VDCdriver - I don’t plan to sell or give it away.

Difference Between 87 and 91 Octane Gas.

Selecting the Right Octane Fuel What is octane rating? Octane rating is the measure of a fuel's ability to resist "knocking" or "pinging" during combustion, caused by the air/fuel mixture detonating prematurely in the engine. In the U.S., unleaded gasoline typically has octane ratings of 87 regular, 88–90 midgrade, and 91–94 premium. GM Octane Requirements. For instance, the Vortec 6000 6 liter Silverado will run on 87 octane but GM recommends you use premium fuel. The same is true of GM's Chevrolet Volt. It will run on regular fuel but is 5 percent more efficient if you use premium, 90 octane fuel. The Kia Sedona requires 87 or higher octane fuel. In the US, "regular" gas is 87 octane, middle grade is 89, and premium is 91-92. For this car, you only need regular grade gas. You can use premium, but it is not at all necessary.

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